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South (SOUPS)

Welcome to the South region of the Open University Psychological Society

SOUPS is OUPS in the South. It is one of the regional branches of OUPS, and supports students who are preparing to take, taking and/or have taken OU psychology-related courses in the OU's South Region, Region 02: encompassing Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Channel Islands, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire, part of Wiltshire (including Salisbury). So, now that we've covered the acronym, what does student 'support' actually involve?

Face it, being an OU psychology student is quite challenging. Based on this premise, keeping your motivation high, realizing that you're not struggling alone with all those strange words, learning tips from others who have completed the course, help with exam revision and simply being social and enjoying discussing psychological topics arise as the main support areas. OUPS addresses these issues on a national basis by providing the wonderful course-specific Revision and Mini Summer Schools / Summer Conference Weekends. The regions complement this national activity with Course Overview Days, Pub Meets and an annual Conference.

Course Overview Days

SOUPS Course Overview Days are typically held about a third of the way through each course and do exactly what they say on the tin! The best, most inspirational tutors present ways in which you can gain the big picture of the course material and learn key study skills to prepare for TMAs and the exam. These are occasions when the penny drops and the course themes become clear.

Pub meets

Although mainly social, Pub Meets are an informal way to get to meet the occasional tutor or course team member and other students to chat psychological stuff or simply moan about the course. The new committee are currently investigating re-starting SOUPS Pub Meets and are looking at possible venues.


Annual Conference

The SOUPS Annual Conference is based on a key topic in psychology that many are interested in. These have covered 'Careers in Psychology'; 'Consciousness'; 'The Psychology of Personality', 'Paranormal Psychology' and more.

OK, so now we know where and what, how about who, I hear you cry. Who is daft enough to volunteer to devise events, invite speakers, arrange tutors and just cajole others to turn up? The SOUPS Committee, I respond, that's who! (These one-way conversations are such fun . almost better than the real thing.)

SOUPS Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The SOUPS AGM is held once a year. The regular agenda reviews the accounts for the year (aiming to run at break-even), appoint officers (strictly only the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are absolute requirements) and debate/agree on what, when, where and whom to invite to speak at the various events. We also have 'ordinary' committee members - these people may not have specific roles but they support SOUPS in many ways (normally in the pub...).

So that is the SOUPS Committee, brimming with energy and pumped to make your year extra-psychologically-special. But we can't prove it unless you come along to one of our events. Please do! We look forward to seeing you.

Contact details

For further information about South OUPS, or to make enquiries about our events, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We have an electronic mailing list of interested students which allows us to keep you up to date with what is happening in SOUPS so that you get early warning of events and dates. If you would like to be added to this please sign up at at this link. You should then ensure that SOUPS is one of the options selected.


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