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OUPS Local Events

What’s happening in your region?

Please scroll down for details of our regional committees, or click on the map to visit regional pages.

OUPS currently has active satellite committees in four locations (see map). The committees are run entirely by volunteers, often working mainly on their own to organise and run academic events and pubmeets in local areas. Click on the map for further details about the committees and the events they currently run.

Regional committees can be contacted on the following e-mails:  

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The Regional Team

Local events are coordinated by the regional team, introduced below, where each committee Chair explains the level of events they are currently able to provide in their area. The team run events in major towns relatively close to where they live, supported by other local committee members. The frequency of events depends on the level of extra help available, which is very limited. We would love more help, but we often find that new volunteers feel unable to make a commitment to OUPS events above other life events. With large groups of OU students booking to attend our regional talks and overview days, we can only take on volunteers who are able to make OUPS a priority on agreed event dates. Our regional Chairs do a sterling job, having a proven track record of commitment to the OU days they run.

Your local committee Chairs

Faye Griggs, OUPS South East:

Faye has started the South East regional committee in February 2016. Having gone to one OUPS event as a nervous student, she has attended every event she could since. Happy to wax lyrical about OUPS from the first lecture, Faye has seen first-hand just how OUPS builds up knowledge, confidence and a love of psychology, whilst also giving distance-learning students the ability to meet and enjoy the company of like-minded people and amazing lecturers, professors and tutors. Faye started her BSc Psychology for something to do, for fun, but caught the psychology bug and continues within the field, currently working towards her PhD with the Open University, focusing on intragender prejudice and has been appointed to tutor on DE100. She looks forward to building up the South East region of OUPS, believing the ability to bring distance-learners together is paramount to the learning experience, with the intention of arranging future module overview days, social events and day conferences covering Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey. 

Shani McCoy, OUPS South (SOUPS):

Shani McCoy, Vanessa Jones and Anne House have run the OUPS southern region (SOUPS) for the last five years along with other dedicated tutors and members. Although Shani is the current committee Chair, Vanessa the current Treasurer and events coordinator, and Anne House the current Secretary, the region is very much run as a team effort. Shani's background is in psychology and neuroscience, and she has worked both within the university research environments and public sector; she is currently working in the commercial medical sector in medical marketing. Vanessa Jones moved away from her financial background, completing a psychology PhD, and now undertakes clinical research and tutors for the OU and elsewhere. Anne House has recently embarked upon her PhD at the University of Reading whilst still working in education and teaching. The SOUPS region provides a number of highly successful events throughout the year, including overview days, conferences, other one day events, pub meets, and other social events. We have held events at Oxford Brookes, St Mary's College Basingstoke, Reading University, as well as other venues in the South. We are always eager to welcome new people with open arms and at whatever level of involvement you would like, whether it is just in the pub, attending our events or joining the committee!

Denise Ward, OUPS London (LOUPS):

London OUPS has always been a busy, active region which Denise has run for the past seven years, with the help of David Byrne (Treasurer) and Sharon Galliford (Secretary). Denise finished her psychology degree with the OU in 1998 and has subsequently acquired an MSc in Occupational Psychology and has trained as a Careers Coach, and also has tutored with the OU on DSE212. Denise is also on the national OUPS committee in the role of Conference Officer. LOUPS run a variety of different events in Central London including an Annual Day Conference, Overview days, Pub Socials and a Mental Health Seminar.

Lorna Rouse, Cambridge (COUPS):

Lorna completed her psychology degree with the OU in December 2009 and gained an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in 2014. Since graduating, Lorna has worked as a Research Assistant, including supporting the PROMISE project (Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust) which explores the proactive mental health care and aims to eliminate reliance on physical intervention on inpatient wards. Lorna is currently a postgraduate student at the Open University studying the experience of diabetes care appointments for adults with learning disabilities. She is also editor of the OUPS newsletter News & Views. Since 2012 OUPS Cambridge has run annual Autumn conferences in the city of Cambridge. The committee includes Carole Gardener (Treasurer) and Kate Papageorgiou (Secretary). COUPS are sometimes able to run additional events such as workshops and overview days when volunteers are available.

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