DSE212 Revision Weekend and Methods Workshop

The DSE212 Revision and Methods Workshop event was held in Radcliffe House at the University of Warwick as it was in 2012. The only major change to this year's programme was to extend the workshop from a Friday and Saturday experience to the full weekend. This was in response to the overwhelming demand in the feedback from those students who attended in 2012 to make it a full weekend event. From this year's student feedback there are suggestions that it is still not long enough! There were also a number of changes being carried out to Radcliffe (structurally) which necessitated using different conference and lecture facilities requiring a trek to the far end of the Radcliffe complex. Sadly this also required the floating tutor, Dr. Mitchell, to be some distance from students which was not ideal.

DSE212 Revision

This year's DSE212 Revision event was again well attended with over 120 students. The tutor/lecturers were Professor Frederick Toates, (OU), Doctor Graham Edgar (The University of Gloucestershire) and Doctor Graham Mitchell (University of Northampton).

The feedback was once again encouraging with those students who responded seeing the programme as a whole as Excellent (48%), Very Good (43%) and Good (9%). Compared to student expectations, 42% thought it Much Better, 26% a Little Better, and 30% About the Same as Expected. Below are some of the comments made by students.

From Feedback:

'Very well organised. Very Impressed'

'The accommodation and food was sublime - could not fault a thing'

'Well worth the money'

'Very engaging, all tutors fantastic, very visual. Will be certain to do these again - has helped a great deal in putting things into perspective' '

They were all brilliant'

'I liked all talks - I learned en-masse. I wish I could attend every lecture'

'Everything exceeded my expectations'

'Brilliant - complete enough overview to remind me about the whole course but 'overview' enough not to get information overload - and so funny!'

'All were very informative, speakers knew the areas in depth and able to answer students questions'

'It was a relaxing environment. There was excellent camaraderie, students helped each other. This is really valuable because distance learning can be quite lonely.' '

The course was excellent, tutors were very patient. They were aware when you were getting stress and good at good at getting you to relax. They don't make you feel foolish.'

'Thanks for the superb DSE212 revision weekend. Fantastic lectures and facilities and great to meet lots of great people.'

Methods Workshop

The Methods Workshop proved to be very popular with students and both tutors, Neil Frude and Jim Handley, were seen as informative and helpful.

From the feedback provided by those who attended this course, the programme was perceived as either excellent (67%) or very good (33%). Additionally, the course was judged against expectations as better than expected by all respondents. The course duration was seen as just right (71%) and as too short (29%). This is testimony to the skill and enthusiasm these two tutors have for the subject.

The following are some of the comments made by the attendees in their Feedback forms:

'Definitely removed the fear aspect of statistics and SPSS'

'Great refresher on Quantitative, useful 'heads-up' on Qualitative and now ready for DD307 next year'

'Motivating and inspiring'

'Excellent, fun tutors and excellent interactive weekend'

'An excellent weekend - I get it!'

'You could make it longer, such as a week course'

'Great focus on methods for the whole of the degree - there is a real need for this - thank you'

'Great double act'

'Inspired and motivated by methods and statistics weekend. Understand loads more now. Thank you Jim and Neil, I will be back.'

'Thank you to Jim and Neil for a fantastic stats and methods workshop, I'm really glad that I came back for a second year. I can finally say that I get it.'

Social Events

As with most OUPS events it was not all work and time was made for socialising and relaxation (if this is possible prior to an exam !).

On the Friday evening a mix and meet gathering was held in Radcliffe bar and lounge area over a glass of wine or soft drink. This gives not only gives attendees the chance to meet other students but the opportunity to engage with the tutor/lecturers too. On the Saturday night the now legendary 'Frederick Toates Psychological Quiz' took place. Although it is fair to say the quiz does not consist entirely of psychology questions as a number of questions of a local nature (Coventry and Warwickshire) are included. It looks as though there were a record number of teams this year with nearly twenty teams competing! The team that took top spot this year were the 'Gin-a-holics' who amassed an amazing score of 37 out of 41. The team members consisted of Sulamita Garcia, Chloe Jarvis, Emma Stewart, Victoria Baldwin and Chui-Ling Blake. Well done to them and a big thank you to Professor Toates for running this quiz.

Finally, all the staff at Radcliffe were seen as helpful and the food and accommodation was considered of a high standard. The OUPS team certainly enjoyed the blackberries, strawberries and Danish pastries supplied in the lounge. If students did not sample or see these particular delights you now know why! Thank you to students for taking the time to complete the feedback sheets.