DE200 & DE300 Revision Weekend, May 2016

The high numbers attending the May revision weekend this year necessitated splitting students and locating them at two different venues. The DD307 Revision course was thus allocated at Radcliffe and DE200 Revision was housed at Arden.

The DD307 course had been sold out since the beginning of January and therefore students were asked if they were prepared to be placed on a waiting list while we entered into negotiations with Warwick for a larger venue. It transpired that there were none which would suit our purpose and therefore ideas for alternatives were sought and at the same time the waiting list grew and grew. This left only one viable option which was for sessions to be streamed to a second venue. As it turned out the chosen venue was as far away as one hundred metres (as the crow flies) but we still had to wait on the very busy technical team to set up and test that this would work and, more importantly still, would provide a decent learning experience for students.

Once we were satisfied all this was in place we re-opened the booking facility and filled the overflow streaming room too. We do apologise to all the students who could not attend. For those who did attend and spent the weekend in the streamed room it seems from the feedback that your experience was a slightly better one than those in M1 (the main) lecture room.

One student wrote 'Above all, the organisation and streaming suite has been problem free. Feedback from us in the cheap seats (joking) has been accommodated and the setting has been spot on'.

Another wrote 'I was gutted because I didn't have a place ...until OUPS arranged the streaming room. WOW. Thanks so much for going to all the additional trouble. It was amazing. Such a lifesaver'.

As one of the organisers of the weekend this was good to know.

For entertainment on Friday night there was a meet and mix session with a glass of wine or fruit juice and a chance to meet old friends or make new acquaintances as well as a chance to meet the tutors. On the Saturday night the DE200 students had the opportunity to go to Radcliffe and join DD307 students where there was the ever popular Quiz presented by Professor Frederick Toates. This was keenly contested by around twenty teams with the 'The Dirty Duckers' coming out on top and taking away an assortment of prizes. The team was made up of Ed Rackstraw, Norma Chillingford, Sally Dodd, Maud Ray, Chivonne Ho and Mary Baldwin.