DD307 Revision Weekend, September 2013

DD307 2013

On the weekend of the 6th of September OUPS held their annual revision weekend at The University of Warwick for the October exams. It was my fourth year in attendance and the fourth time that all of my expectations were more than exceeded!

Registration was straightforward and included the distribution of revision folders containing a time table and slides for each lecture. Following dinner there was a one and a half hour lecture presented by Phil Hulme in which he put the whole of DD307 into perspective for us. I don't think I speak just for myself when I say 'light bulb' moments were experienced! It all suddenly made sense; four perspectives and what to do with them using four interrogative themes. The evening concluded with a 'meet and mix' party which is a great opportunity to meet with other students over a (free) glass of wine and also the tutors on an informal basis.

Saturday was full on from 9AM until 7PM but there were plenty of coffee breaks and an hour and a half for lunch. For the purpose of revision the lectures were conveniently divided into four areas reflecting the four sections on the exam paper. The other two tutors were Julia Willerton and Dr Hilary Bruffell. Each tutor had their own style of lecturing yet they all managed to impart their extensive knowledge of the course materials clearly and succinctly which is exactly what is needed four weeks prior to the exam!

Dinner on Saturday night was a more formal event which combined buffet and waiter service. This was followed by a disco which continued until midnight. It was well attended and a perfect way to unwind and socialise after a long day of lectures.

Sunday morning was just that! The morning after the night before, at least for those who stayed the course and danced the night away! However the lectures continued with the final lecture on exam technique which was a perfect topic to wrap up the weekend.

For those who have never attended an OUPS weekend I can only highly recommend it. It is a great way to start revision as it provides a snapshot of the course and gives a framework within which to structure revision. There are 'competitor' weekends out there but don't be tempted.