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Online events FAQ



We're collecting answers to frequently asked questions here, so if you would like to ask anything that isn't covered below, please use the "Contact us" link in the menu bar to get in touch.


1. Will I have to interact if I'm online ?

It's always a case of "only interactive if you want to": for interactive events you can turn your camera and mike off and just watch and listen, so any interruptions by the kids/dogs/neighbours will just be to you :)

We offer a chat box where you can chat with other online students, as well as submit any questions to the speakers if you would like to.

2. How do I connect to the talks ?

Once you have paid for an online event you will see a big green "Click to connect" button whenever you log into the OUPS website and re-visit the event page. If you are attending a London & South event, we will also send you emails before the event that contain your personalised link to join. These are not shareable (if you click to join then anyone else using the same link is disconnected).

3. Where do I get the slides ?

The email we send will have links to the slides for your event if the speaker has made slides availalble, and you can also find these if you log into this OUPS website and go to the event page (scroll down to the "Printed material" section). 

Please note that we log all downloads, and that we charge a fee if you have downloaded slides and then decide to cancel your booking (see our Terms and Conditions). These slides are for your own use, and cannot be shared without the permission of the copyright holder who wrote them.

4. Will the sessions be recorded/available after the event ?

Unfortunately we can't ever guarantee that event recordings of online-only events will be available, because this depends on:

  • our speakers giving us permission to record them: sometimes they present unpublished data for example that they don't want committed to the internet for posterity !
  • the recordings actually working: none of the online webinar providers guarantee that recordings on their platforms will work as there's always the chance of some hardware glitch, and we couldn't justify paying to re-present the event in order to record it; 
  • the end result being usable (e.g. if there are sound or video issues the recording may not be usable).

Where we do have permission to record, the output may be made available to attendees-only or to a wider audience, depending on the circumstances.

Based on current legal advice, sessions where there are both online and in-person attendees (i.e. hybrid events) will not be recorded for two reasons: Data Protection and Copyright.

  • Firstly, in order to record a session like this, we have to have written permission from everyone attending the session, including tutors, technicians, and both in-person and online attendees who are identified (e.g. because they ask questions). If one person objects, the session can't be recorded. Furthermore, anyone who gives permission but decides at some point in the future that they want to withdraw it has the legal right to compel us to remove them from any existing copies of the recording. We just don't have the manpower to manage all this.
  • Copyright is the right of someone like OUPS to give copies of a recording to someone else. It's not clear who owns the copyright: it could be the attendees, the tutors, the people who record the sessions or the people (OUPS) who organise them. If it's not OUPS, and if we were to illegally distribute copies, we could be sued by the copyright holder.

5. Can I make my own recording ?

We don't have the right to grant you permission to make your own recording, but can only advise that you would be bound by the same restrictions in the previous FAQ. We have to state that we cannot condone unauthorised recordings, and we would strongly advise that if you were to do so, that you keep any recording for your own personal use and not share it with anyone else. 


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