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LOUPS/OU Postgraduate Options Seminar

oulogo mThe Open University has recently re-launched a number of post-graduate options that are of particular interest to psychology students, and the London region OUPS committee has collaborated with the University to create this free one-day seminar in response to many requests from our members for information about these new degrees.

Our speakers have generously agreed to allow us to publish recordings of the presentations and to make edited copies of their presentations available. These recordings do not include the Q&A sessions that followed each talk, are for your own personal use and may not be used otherwise without the permission of the speakers.

We hope this material will be informative and helpful if you are considering postgraduate study with the OU.

The event consisted of a series of four 75-minute talks in which speakers presented on key topics relating to these degrees, with opportunities for delegates to ask questions about the particular courses and qualifications involved.

Talk 1 Dr. Payam Rezaie: F78 - MSc in Mental Health Science

Payam has been with The Open University since 2003, and has held long-standing honorary and visiting academic appointments at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London (2001-2014), where he taught on the MSc Neuroscience programme for nearly two decades (1995-2014). He was appointed to the position of Reader at the OU in 2008, Head of the Brain and Behavioural Sciences Discipline from 2011-2013 (Faculty of Science, LHCS Department), and has been directing the Science Taught Postgraduate Programme since 2013.

Audio: 01 - LOUPS PGOS - F78 - MSc Mental Health Science.mp3
Presentation: F78 - MSc in Mental Health Science

Talk 2 Dr Sarah Crafter: F74 - MSc in Psychology

Sarah is a Senior Lecturer in the OU School of Psychology who teaches on "Evaluating Psychology: Research and practice (DD803)" and who also supervises research students with a particular interest in research that takes a cultural and/or critical psychological perspective on everyday practices of children, young people and families. This includes areas such as migration, identities, belonging, transitions and diversity.

Audio: 02 - LOUPS PGOS - F74 - MSc Psychology.mp3
Presentation: F74 - MSc in Psychology

A video presentation for our 2019 event is available here:

Talk 3 Dr Jim Turner: F73 - MSc in Forensic Psychological Studies

Jim is currently co-chairing production of 'Investigating forensic psychology' (DD802), a new 120-credit postgraduate module exploring a broad range of forensic psychology topics, cases and issues. Previously Jim was the production chair of the wide-ranging applied psychology undergraduate module 'Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary' (DD210) and the specialist postgraduate module 'Forensic psychology: crime, offenders and policing' (D872). Jim also worked on the production of D872's partner module 'Forensic psychology: witnesses, experts and evidence on trial' (D873) and the undergraduate module 'Applying psychology' (DSE232). He has also worked on the undergraduate modules 'Investigating psychology 1' (DE100), 'Discovering psychology' (DSE141), 'Exploring psychology' (DSE212) and 'Exploring psychology on-line project' (DZX222), and the postgraduate modules 'Research methods dissertation in social sciences' (D845) and 'Psychometrics: selection and assessment' (D842) (as an exam board member). Jim has also served as the Qualification Lead for both the undergraduate Psychology degree (Q07) and the inter-disciplinary Psychology and Law degree (Q93).

The following are from our 2018 event, when this module was still in development:

Audio: 03 - LOUPS PGOS - F73 - MSc Forensic Psychology.mp3
Presentation: F73 - MSc in Forensic Psychology

A later update from our 2019 event is available here: London OUPS PG Psychology (Forensic) April 2019

Talk 4 Dr Mimi Tatlow-Golden: F55 - MA in Childhood and Youth

Mimi is a psychologist at the OU who works at the intersection of developmental psychology and childhood studies. She has a particular interest in the interdisciplinary integration of disciplines that seek to understand children, their lives and their optimal development and as a member of the MA Childhood and Youth production team she has brought this perspective to the development of the module. Her research focuses on multiple areas relating to children's well-being including children and food, mental health, digital media and their rights.

Audio: 04 - LOUPS PGOS - F55 - MSc Childhood and Youth.mp3
Presentation: F55 - MA in Childhood and Youth


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