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How OUPS Credits work


We've created OUPS Credits as a way to help our members save up for OUPS events rather than having to pay all at once. Put simply, each OUPS member has a virtual giftcard on their account, that they can add money to whenever they want, and that they can use to pay for membership or events.

1. How to add money to your account

Firstly, you must be a full member of OUPS to buy and spend OUPS Credits - it's not enough to just register on the website. You can use a free DE100 membership, or a paid membership such as Annual or Lifetime membership.

Secondly, you must have a Paypal account. We do not take payment for OUPS Credits by credit or debit card. This is because we can only issue refunds onto the account that was used to buy credits in the first place, and if we took card payments we would have to keep a record of the card numbers. We do not retain card numbers as a matter of data protection compliance.

When you log in as a member you'll see two new boxes on the right of each page on the website. The first of these contains a link to the page where you can buy credits to increase your balance, and the second shows your current balance. To buy OUPS Credits, click on the link, add as many as you want to your shopping cart and pay for them using Paypal.

Each OUPS Credit is worth £1 and they are available in multiples of £5, with a minimum of £10.

2. How to spend OUPS Credits

When you want to pay for something using OUPS Credits, simply select that payment option on the check-out page. If have enough OUPS Credits to pay for the items in your shopping cart your balance will reduce by the appropriate amount, otherwise you'll be prompted to buy more OUPS Credits.

Events booked using OUPS Credits are subject to the same terms and conditions as those paid for in any other way, with any refunds due to cancellation credited to your Paypal account.

If your membership expires you will not be able to access any OUPS Credits on your account. You will need to renew your membership or request a refund as described below.

3. How to get a refund for OUPS Credits

In order to get a refund of your OUPS Credit balance you must send an email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying:

  • your OUPS website username and
  • the Paypal email address you used to pay for the OUPS Credits.

When we have identified the Paypal transactions for your OUPS Credits we will cancel them and refund the corresponding amount to that account, less a £5 administration charge.

We will endeavour to complete all such refunds in no more than ten working days.

4. Expiry of OUPS Credits

OUPS Credits do not expire, they stay on your account until they are spent or refunded.

We reserve the right to discontinue OUPS Credits at any time. In that event we will notify you in advance, and when the scheme closes we will credit your Paypal account in full with the amount corresponding to your balance at no cost to you.


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