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Why are there no events near where I live ?

OUPS is a volunteer-run society that is funded entirely from the activities of the society. Although we are affiliated to the Open University Students Association (OUSA) as a student society, we do not receive funding from The Open University or any other third parties other than in connection with jointly presented events where we may share costs.

Although we strive to make our events as affordable as possible we have to pay for venues, equipment, speakers, catering etc. as these are not usually free to us. We try to invest any profits that we do make into subsidising the costs of future events, by either lowering event fees for all attendees or by providing subsidies towards event places on the basis of individual needs.

As a volunteer-run society we can only hold events in locations where:

  1. we have tutors/speakers willing to travel to;
  2. we have volunteers willing to organise venues, liaise with the event staff at venues and run the event (register attendees on the day, introduce speakers, carry out H&S activities etc.)
  3. we can get enough people willing to pay for the event to make it financially viable.

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