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Why are OUPS events not cheaper ?

Although we strive to make our events as affordable as possible we have to pay for venues, equipment, speakers, catering etc. as these are not usually free to us. We try to invest any profits that we do make into subsidising the costs of future events, by either lowering event fees for all attendees or by providing subsidies towards event places on the basis of individual needs.

We try to help people spread the cost of our larger events by providing payment plans to spread the cost, such as the OUPS PayPlan scheme.

When planning events we consider alternative formats to accommodate those who might be prevented from attending because of demands on their time, finances or for other personal reasons. We consider a variety of formats (weekend events, day events, half-day events) and where practical we try to make these available.

Where we are unable to reduce the cost of attendance, we consider how to make supporting material available to those who are unable to attend in person. This may include video and/or audio recordings, presentations or supplementary material related to the event. We can make no guarantees in this regard as what we are able to provide depends on the permission of the presenters and attendees at any event, as well as the practical considerations (e.g. an audio recording of a practical workshop is neither useful nor practical).

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