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OUPS Graham Mitchell Memorial Lecture 2020 - 'What is a human?' (Professor Frederick Toates)

Each year at our OUPS May weekend we present an evening talk in memory of Graham Mitchell, a very popular OU and OUPS tutor and an academic at the University of Northampton, whose life was tragically cut short following a fall at his home.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we held the 2020 talk as a free virtual event, and were delighted to have over 120 attendees.

The title of the talk was "What is a human being?", presented by Professor Frederick Toates (The Open University):

"I will argue that human brain is a complex mixture of ‘old parts’ and ‘new parts’, when seen from the perspective of evolution and development. The implications of this for a number of behavioural phenomena will be discussed. These include social belonging, empathy, resisting temptation, free will, political decision-making and the nature of reinforcement."

The talk was followed by a lively and entertaining Q&A session (not on the recording), which lasted almost as long as the talk itself !

We would like to thank OUSA and the OU for enabling us to hold this event by providing access to the online facilities, and hope you enjoyed it if you were able to attend, or will find the recording of interest if not.


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