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These are the courses that we run including Revision Weekends, Consolidation weekends and Workshops along with our Social events. Please click on the event title to see details of the event, such as the agenda, the location and directions or any additional information available.

Your place on any event is guaranteed once we receive payment and confirm your booking. However if we are allocating places to those on a waiting list for a course-specific event we prioritise students who are currently studying or about to start studying those courses. If you are booking a course-specific event, please indicate whether you are not studying, currently studying or about to study the associated course by making the appropriate selection where requested. We reserve the right to ask for proof that you are studying the course concerned and to cancel your booking if you are unable to provide this.

Events run by particular regional groups can be viewed selecting the required group from the Provider dropdown below.

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London OUPS


DE300 Methods Day (London)

9th November 2019, Amnesty HRAC, London


DD317 Overview Day

16th November 2019, Birkbeck, London


DE200 Quantitative Methods and SPSS Support Day (Manchester)

14th December 2019, Premier Inn (GMEX), Manchester


DE200 Quantitative Methods and SPSS Support Day (London)

11th January 2020, Birkbeck, London


LOUPS Conference - Technology and Psychology

14th March 2020, LSE, London


DE200 Qualitative Methods Workshop (London)

18th April 2020, Birkbeck, London


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