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Level 1
You must pass DE100 (Investigating psychology 1) and either DD102 (Introducing the social sciences) or E102 (Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology).
Level 2
DE200Investigating psychology 260 pts
DD210Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary60 pts
D240Counselling: exploring fear and sadness30 pts
D241Exploring mental health and counselling60 pts
E219Psychology of childhood and youth60 pts
E233Sport and exercise psychology: a case study approach30 pts
SDK228The science of the mind: investigating mental health30 pts
Level 3
DE300Investigating psychology 360 pts
DD310Counselling and forensic psychology: investigating crime and therapy60 pts
DD317Advancing social psychology60 pts
E313Exploring psychological aspects of athletic development60 pts
EK313Issues in research with children and young people60 pts

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