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Welcome to OUPS !


The Open University Psychological Society (OUPS) is the student society for OU psychology students, an affiliated society within the OU Student Association (OUSA).

We are a volunteer-run, not-for-profit, registered charity (No.: 282744), and have run continuously since 1974.

Coronavirus statement (updated 15 August 2021)

The current covid-19 pandemic is a highly unusual and a stressful situation, but hopefully we are seeing the possibility of things returning to more normal in the coming months. As the OU student psychology society and as a registered charity, OUPS exists to support you as OU psychology students. We are continually assessing our situation in the light of the official advice, and we want to make our position clear to any of you who are anxious about an existing booking or who are thinking of making a booking on one of our forthcoming events.

We are currently planning our future programme based on the public health guidance. The long-term situation for our weekends is not yet clear, but we are planning to resume face-to-face events when the situation permits. 

We hope to announce our next face-to-face events to support students starting new modules as the new academic year begins in October 2021 and in the meantime we are running both study events and online social events through the London and South region, and would love to welcome as many of you to these as possible.


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What do we do ?

Your student society exists to support you as OU psychology students both academically and socially throughout your studies and also after you graduate. The Open University provide you with all the support and material that you need for your degree and OUPS works closely with the OU School of Psychology to give you opportunities to enrich your study and your enjoyment of psychology.

  • At a national level we run a programme of events that include pre-module Springboard Weekends, mid-module Consolidation Weekends, Revision weekends, Methods Workshops and an Annual Conference.
  • Our regional teams organise a variety of events including overview days, day conferences and social events.
  • We also offer on-line forums for informal discussion of all things psychological on Facebook. 

Our aim is to offer something for everyone, no matter what your circumstances or level of study.


Is it all study ?

Although the main purpose of OUPS is to provide academic resources for OU undergraduate students, it's not all work !

OUPS weekends are also fun, social occasions designed to provide the social interactions missing from home study. All of our weekends give you the opportunity to chat to current and past students, to share your experiences and frustrations and to give each other welcome motivational support, and our Annual Conference can provide great networking opportunities and the opportunity to chat over a meal or drink with some of the eminent psychologists that come to speak.

All our weekends have a full programme of social events that are available for you to attend as you wish, and our regional day events usually offer the chance to carry on chatting over food and/or drinks afterwards.

Welcome to your society !
We hope we can help you and provide you with the spur you need to continue your studies and beyond.


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